Timur Si-Qin “A Vision of You” at Magician Space, Beijing

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Timur Si-Qin’s third exhibition at Magician Area was impressed by his journey by Western China within the fall of 2023, specializing in the Hengduan Mountain Vary in Western Sichuan, close to the japanese edges of the Himalayas. This area shouldn’t be solely a singular ecoregion and a biodiversity hotspot, nevertheless it additionally cradles six main rivers that downstream present water to one-third of the world’s inhabitants.

Hengduan boasts one of many highest ranges of biodiversity in China, supporting the richest temperate endemic flora worldwide. Defending areas like Hengduan is significant to mitigating the extreme impacts of world biodiversity loss. This variety is the true treasure of China.

This exhibition builds on Timur’s ongoing analysis into how conservation cultures will be developed and sustained. “New Peace” is a long-term initiative that seeks to domesticate a nature-centric spirituality for the twenty first century inside our up to date, post-secular society. Analysis additionally signifies a direct correlation between biodiversity and cultural variety, suggesting that the number of human cultures advantages nature.

Typically described as an evolutionary cradle, the Hengduan Mountains boast dense rhododendron forests with 223 species, and are house to over 20 completely different ethnic teams, together with the Yi, Qiang, Naxi, and Lisu, making it certainly one of China’s most culturally numerous areas. The works on this present are iconographic and sacred representations of the crops of Hengduan. Photographs and artifacts which purpose to de-anthropocentrify the sacred, changing the picture of the human determine generally present in spiritual iconography with these of crops particular to Hengduan. These are then held by the vessels of tradition to faucet right into a vernacular of holy veneration, impressed by the bronzes of Sanxingdui, an historical nature worshipping tradition, and the murals of Dunhuang, the historic gateway of Buddhism into China.

In an period of world biodiversity disaster, it’s essential to study from indigenous cultures, who make up solely 5% of the worldwide inhabitants however safeguard 80% of the world’s biodiversity. What makes indigenous cultures such efficient guardians of nature? Past simply subsisting from the land, what unites most indigenous cultures is having nature primarily based religions and spiritualities, that maintain nature on the middle of their which means techniques. Indigenous spiritualities, expressed by assistance from their languages, rituals, and songs, develop into highly effective and sturdy mechanisms for the safety of biodiversity on earth.

at Magician Space, Beijing
till July 24, 2024

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