Tarek Atoui “Standing Waves” at Cukrarna Gallery, Ljubljane

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The exhibition “Standing Waves” gives a complete perception into the inventive observe of Beirut-born, Paris-based sound artist and electroacoustic composer Tarek Atoui. His multilayered sound works combine years of analysis on the historical past of music and devices, reveal essential social and political points via various approaches, and current music and new applied sciences as essential elements of expression. His installations and participatory performances discover how we take heed to, really feel, and produce sound, and his observe within the gallery context permits him to experiment with period by permitting the composition to unfold in a given area over an prolonged time frame. He explores and develops the chances of tactile, bodily, visible, and gestural notion of sound in collaboration with quite a few sound artists, composers, researchers, and instrument makers. Atoui’s inventive observe is characterised by gathering area recordings from deliberately chosen geographical places, producing digital and artificial sounds, and creating customized software program in addition to advanced and creative devices. Essential to all that is the emphasis on the collective side of his actions, be it curated interventions and participatory performances carried out in collaboration with professionals and the broader public, or the facilitation of workshops for various communities.

The present exhibition unites particular person works from three tasks, particularly The WaveWITHIN and The Whisperers. The centrepiece is his experimental composition The Wave, which is layered with sounds recorded on the ports of Abu Dhabi, Athens, and Singapore, joined by 9 devices developed for the WITHIN undertaking and for a few of Atoui’s earlier works. These devices are animated by objects and their sounds, whereas steel and stone components act as conductors of sound from the harbours. The piece is related to 5 listening gadgets from The Whisperers undertaking, which reproduce and amplify sound in a multisensory manner and have been developed in 2021, when the artist created a brand new collection of The Whisperers impressed by workshops performed with a gaggle of preschool kids. The exhibition is anchored by a brand new model of the work 33 Gentle Cells from the WITHIN undertaking, a set of devices designed on account of a workshop performed with deaf and onerous of listening to individuals, by which the artist investigates how deafness can change our understanding of sound efficiency, its diffusion in area, and its devices.

You will need to word that every one these tasks have been developed over an prolonged time frame and aren’t a finite physique of labor. Reflecting the buildup of data and expertise gained from totally different collaborative contexts, components from particular person tasks are repeatedly used as the premise for brand spanking new experimentation and assist his pursuit of recent areas for increasing methods of listening to.

The exhibition Standing Waves consists of plenty of handmade devices, that are concurrently objects and aural sculptures. Along with the spatial set up, the exhibition gives the expertise of listening to an ever-changing composition, or a form of outlandish live performance, whereas its setting opens up the potential for listening to the piece both dynamically or statically. The generated sound atmosphere is a fragile, ever-changing microcosm, imbued with a luxurious array of sonic textures triggered by quite a lot of supplies, from stone and water to steel and wooden. When creating his sculptures the artist begins from a mirrored image on the acquisition or emission of sound through the natural supplies used, whereas incorporating digital components as a device to discover the qualities of those supplies, their acoustics, resonances, and sonic behaviour. Even the title of the exhibition, Standing Waves, sums up the character of the works offered, because it defines a bodily phenomenon first described by Faraday when he noticed standing waves on the floor of a liquid in a vibrating container, whereas the time period itself was coined by Franz Melde, who illustrated the phenomenon in an experiment with vibrating strings.

Atoui’s spatial sound installations function as seamless sonic environments by which area, structure, devices, and our our bodies are directly receivers and conductors, forging compositions made up of fragments of soundscapes.

Curated by
Mara Anjoli Vujić

at Cukrarna Gallery, Ljubljane
till 2 June, 2024

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