Sanna Helena Berger & Cecilie Norgaard “Die Installierte Reale” at Rinde am Rhein, Düsseldorf

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”Die Installierte Realeis the primary iteration of the collaboration that we’ve been growing in dialogue over fairly a while. For this present at Rinde am Rhein we wished the works to muse on the collaborative itself. In a fairly literal method the works echo one another‘s pictorial areas and sculptural domains. After all, the collaborative is right here additional outlined by the trajectories of critique and reference that we share. We’ve lengthy been humored by the truth that comparatively related formal pondering could be expressed in such opposing aesthetics and media. And we’re excited that the collaboration itself feels wealthy and giving and retains coming.

If these exhibition rooms perform to border the works right here offered, the sculptures mimic again that perform. They thematise their spatial circumstance, and on the identical time, themselves as artworks. With their intense lack of motif, they distinction the work in addition to body them. And the work, in flip, do the identical issues. They level again on the sculptures, and the exhibition rooms, and in the direction of the paradox that each one the works within the present share.

One foremost goal within the dialogue round this present has been performativity. When an object lends itself
to a different (a portray depicts a shelf, a sculpture mimics a body)—when such an object fairly actually connects with one thing outdoors itself, we perceive it as a performing entity. It’s a performativity that lies inside the choice to power one medium away from itself and within the course of one other.

Amongst our shared passions is a want to replicate, to critique and demand from artworks that they concentrate on themselves, their historical past and the hierarchies they could partake in, if not outline. A method of performing such critique may very well be to demand the enduring, tradition-ridden art work, be it portray or minimalist sculpture, to come back down from its pedestal. A option to try such a requirement may very well be by depicting the pedestal itself.

at Rinde am Rhein, Düsseldorf
till June 23, 2024

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