Natacha Donzé “Memory Beacon” at Parliament, Paris

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“Reminiscence Beacon” might refer as a lot to the digital universe as to a human nostalgic feeling. It isn’t the ambivalence of these two iconographies that fuels Natacha Donzé’s reflection, however their porousness: how the codes of residing beings have develop into these of machines, coexisting with equal relevance in each realms, as in the event that they have been a logical mutation of our realities and an extension of our sensory experiences. Our up to date iconographies replay the codes of residing beings and historic traditions. The identical warning of hazard is finally issued to our eyes when an animal adorns its physique crimson as when {an electrical} system makes use of this code to warn us of a malfunction or threat.

The exhibition took as its start line the flocks of birds (corvids), formed by their communications, heralding occasions to return For birds, alerts alongside the community are handed from eyes or ears to brains pre-wired at delivery with the gathered knowledge of the millenia. For people, alerts are handed from display screen to display screen, information feed to information feed, alongside an artificial superstructure designed by people however more and more mediated by at-times-unpredictable algorithms. By counting on this phenomenon of “murmuration,” the exhibition explores the emergence of these connections between residing organisms and technological units, with every motion impacting the construction and behavior of the community, in a perpetual cycle of stimuli and data.

This back-and-forth between primordial alerts and ultra-contemporary relics stretches time, situating the current inside a a lot vaster geological chronology, and bringing up to date human nearer to their ancestor from the previous, questioning the self-proclaimed uniqueness of every technology. “Reminiscence Beacon” might function a sigil, drawing us in direction of the previous and performing as a discreet warning about our potential futures. The work develop into interfaces between actuality and our psychological zone of illustration. Every portray imbues the retina with a well-known strangeness, resulting in a passage from signal to sign. By way of this motion, Natacha Donzé denaturalises our logic of associations and frames of thought, opening a brand new grid of understanding of the actual.

at Parliament, Paris
till July 6, 2024

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