David Moser “New Action” at Plymouth Rock, Zürich

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No language is basically ever totally developed, at all times inefficient and altering. Standardized, mass produced and malleable like perforated metal. An structure suggesting transparency. In David Moser’s rejection of determined narratives he turns to the codings of communication and the improbabilities of place. Objects that convey in code, withholding their use by the conservation of their energy. Absolutely charged for visible and conceptual enjoyment. Silent, but able to play. If translation is feasible it turns into private for the viewer. There are holes within the story, however not of lies, moderately a cultivation of the unknown inside the different. Holes inside holes protected by holes of one other materials. Hardcore manufacturing prepared for interplay. Hardcore punctuation prepared for interpretation. Each not possible and desired. Recommendations of future realizing and being. It’s a sport of failed makes an attempt at that means in an area of fabric inviting interplay whereas abstracting and flirting with the chances of the physique.

at Plymouth Rock, Zürich
till June 5, 2024

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